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fold up dreams into a paper airplane

... and send it as a letter.

sadistic l o v e ♥
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Peaceful Days.
this journal is used to fangirl about johnny's but more specifically KAT-TUN. i ♥ akanishi jin! he's my number one if you haven't already guessed. ;P but i flail about other groups as well like Arashi and NEWS.

i write a lot of random things on my journal and i love quality posts and comments. i'm pretty shy but friendly and i always welcome new friends. i enjoy commenting and spamming with fellow fangirls. :D feel free to add if you feel we have things in common.

i am a mod of boys-paper so please visit for high quality scans!

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christmas gift 2006 from yuckie-chan. ♥ thanks ck!

backflip!miroku ♥ is awesome

dreamboys!jin = ♥